Fotograph: Marcus Möllenberg

Charming Blossom

Charming Blossom is an international chamber music trio, which alternates famous opera arias with the rocking crossover compositions from Ulrich Steier. Their latest show Opera 4 Three consists of brand new arrangements that are presented in an atmospheric and evening filling program. The warm sound of the two Spanish guitars, combined with the remarkable voice of Anouk Snellink, makes it a completely new and fresh experience to listen to the historical masterpieces. With pieces of Dvořák, Délibes, Fauré, Puccini, Charming Blossom has created an interesting show for the young, the old, the connoisseur and the layman.

Furthermore, Charming Blossom has a big affinity with pop music. The trio can be booked for parties and other occasions. Besides the thematic classical works, they have a great repertoire of jazz and pop music (piano & vocals (Anouk), double bass & percussion (Pim), electric guitar & vocals (Ulrich)).