Singer: Lizzy Dinghs

Other music styles

Jazz / Pop music
In jazz and pop music, Pim is mainly active as session musician. From 2007 until 2014 Pim played guitar in the Big-band Losser (with Rini-swinkels ans Bart Bijleveld).

  1. In collaboration with singer and pianist Rosan Sessink, he arranges music for weddings, restaurants, events and parties.
  2. In the German blues / cover band “Met Eagle and the Salt Sticks” with singer and guitarist Florian Hausner, they play music for parties and other occasions.
  3. With the Latvian Flamenco dancer Kadri Merimaa, Pim operates as a companion on Flamenco guitar. They performed their dance and music show in various theatres throughout the Netherlands. The duo can be booked for both live performances and dance workshops.
  4. In 2014 Pim worked as arranger en solo guitarist on the CD/DVD production  “Es Klingt Musik” of the Grenslandkapel led by Willem Cageling. The live DVD is recorded at the Dutch “RTV- Oost Oktoberfeesten”. Pim is active as substitute guitarist in the German, Slovenian and Bohemian folk and schlager music.

Pim is also engaged with (German, Slovenian and Bohemian) folk music. As solo guitar player and arranger he collaborated with the “Grenslandkappel Overdinkel” on the release of their Live CD/DVD album “Es Klingt Musik” (2014). The CD can be purchased at the website